We all have it within our legs, our arms and our hearts to get into the full swing of a song. Whether you are anticipating a time when you are standing on the dance-floor, you are trying to organise a wedding dance or you are searching for something to do during the week, Salsa Tropical could be the ideal location for you.

Offering salsa and bachata classes in Temple, we have become a leading provider of experienced and professional classes. We have both private classes in Temple alongside our group classes which are ideal for anyone from beginners to experienced dancers. When you visit your free taster session in London you will be guided through the session with energy and a professional dance instructor.

Why choose Salsa Tropical for salsa and bachata classes in Temple?

We have worked with couples that are searching for the best way to learn a new skill together, groups looking for a way to dance with one another or individuals trying to fill their evenings. Our Temple salsa and bachata classes will start from the very beginning and slowly move through the skills and moves that you need to know.

Once you have finished a few lessons with Salsa Tropical in Temple, you will be addicted to the rhythm and balance of both dances. To discover more about our salsa and bachata classes, get in contact with us today.