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Try Our Taster Salsa And Bachata Classes In London – 25th March 2019

It might be a lingering thought in the back of your mind, or perhaps something you have always wanted to understand more about, or even a past passion that you have let go. Dancing is an important activity and hobby because it combines individuality, exercise, chemistry, teamwork and much more every time.

At Salsa Tropical we are chosen as the first port of call for dancers who vary from experts in dancing salsa and bachata through to those that want to try something new during the week. Our weekly classes and lessons will provide you with the ideal foundation for developing and rising up our difficulty levels, but it all starts with our taster sessions for salsa and bachata in London.

Why try our taster sessions for salsa and bachata in London?

One taster session is all it takes to begin an obsession with dancing with our team at Salsa Tropical – and if it’s not for you, we have a range of other sessions which could be ideal for you. We host a range of taster sessions across London to offer commuters, city workers, residents and more with the chance to meet new people, develop a broad range of skills and much more.

If you would like to see when our latest taster sessions are being run in London for both salsa and bachata, speak with our team today.


Find Our Salsa And Bachata Lady Styling Workshops In London – 18th March 2019 

The dance moves that you have practiced for many years will come naturally to you over time. These will become lodged into your mind and help you to develop in the future to the next level. If you have reached a plateau in your development or you are searching for professional help with your dancing, our workshop for ladies styling at Salsa Tropical will be certain to explain, expand and generate a more rounded performance through your dance.

We work with individuals across London who want to transform the way they dance for the better. Whether that is with a partner dancing salsa or bachata, style makes a huge difference.

What will you be taught through our salsa lady styling workshop in London?

The smallest of elements involved in a dance are important when dancing with a partner or in a competition. Hand position, sensual movements, following the lead, spotting and more are all integral features of dance that can be taught by our professional instructor at Salsa Tropical.

The workshop aims to help you feel more confident about your dancing ability and add more to every step that you take on the dancefloor. Our workshops run across London for people of varying abilities and ages so if you’d like to find out more about our lady styling workshops, get in contact today.


Salsa And Bachata Lady Styling Classes In London – 11th March 2019

If you have been dancing for a while, since childhood or want to sharpen your skills and take yourself to the next level, you will want someone by your side with vast experience. At Salsa Tropical you will guide through a salsa lady styling workshop by Maria Palmieri – a dancer and instructor who has amassed over 20 years in this exciting world.

Our lady styling classes are available for both salsa and bachata in London and are imperative for any salsa lover that wants to learn how to master a range of partnering and styling techniques. From following and pointing through to hip movement, posture and finger placement, every little detail that you want to improve can be implemented into our styling classes.

Who are our lady styling courses perfect for at Salsa Tropical?

If you have previously learned to dance the salsa or bachata in the past but want to get back into it, whether professionally or with a partner, you will want to ensure you are receiving expert advice on every little aspect of your moves. You can choose the direction of the styling class to add sensual moves to your dancing, improve your musicality and learn to recognise signs from your dancing partner with our classes.

To take your salsa or bachata skills to the next stage and ensure you feel confident with every movement, it’s vital that you come along to our lady styling classes. If you would like to find out more about our classes and why they are perfect for you, get in contact today.


Wedding Dance Packages In London – 4th March 2019

The first dance at a wedding is a special moment in the whole day. After the worrying in the morning through to the vows through to the food and the speeches, the lights will finally be turned down. At Salsa Tropical we want to help you and your partner create the ideal wedding dance to suit your style and desires. That’s why we offer wedding dance packages in London that will help you both to learn the moves, create something unique and feel confident when the music finally kicks in.

At Salsa Tropical we specialise in helping individuals, couples and groups learn about the amazing world of salsa and bachata dances. These two diverse dance styles are a great way to add something extra special to your wedding day and make your first dance something that will be remembered forever.

Why choose our wedding dance packages?

It can be a little source of anxiety if you are not sure what to do during your first dance. Our professional instructors will guide you through the myriad of choices, dance styles, difficulties and more to ensure you can dance all the steps that you know off by heart. To get prepared for your special day our wedding dance packages will be ideal for teaching for everything you need to know.

Get in contact to discover more about our wedding dance packages.


Try Our Salsa And Bachata Dance Lessons In London – 25th February 2019

Why should you start dancing with us? It’s the biggest question of all for many individuals across London. It is only a question because you are yet to try it with our team. Once you delve into our world of exciting and enjoyable dance classes in the capital, you will be sure to fall in love with the rhythm, sounds, movement and social aspect of dancing salsa or bachata.

At Salsa Tropical we are a leading host of both salsa and bachata dance lessons in London and want to invite you, whatever level you are at, to visit our classes, workshops and taster sessions alongside our professional team. We have experienced dance instructors with an abundance of expertise for both beginners and experts in the dancing world.

Why choose Salsa Tropical for our salsa and bachata dance lessons in London?

Hosting dance classes in the capital allows us the chance to offer those with a passing interest in dancing through to those with experience the best opportunities. Dance lessons from our team will combine the fun of learning moves and practicing them with our professional team as well as meeting new people at your dance level and getting a healthy slice of exercise during the week.

Whether you are confident about dancing or you are shy about the thought of it, everyone is welcome at Salsa Tropical. Get in contact with us to discover more about our dance lessons in London

Professional Salsa Workshops In London – 18th February 2019

Have you ever wanted to learn a dance? Are you worried that you might not be good enough? When you are thinking of doing something like this, you will see only obstacles in front of you as your imagination tries to find the worst thing that could happen. Our job at Salsa Tropical is to create a venue and an atmosphere that gives you the best chance to enjoy your adventure into a new dance.

Our salsa workshops in London are perfect for everyone to get started or progress to the next level in their salsa journey. We have a number of workshops upcoming in 2019 which are suited to helping different ability levels take control and get the best support.

Which salsa workshop is right for me?

At Salsa Tropical we want to ensure that anyone with a passing interest through to a passion has the chance to learn and develop their dancing skills with us. We have workshops specific for absolute beginners and improvers as well as workshops for intermediate and advanced dancers. Whatever level you believe you are at and no matter how much you have danced in the past, we have the perfect salsa workshops suited to you.

When you join one of our one-off workshops you will have the confidence to join one of our salsa and bachata dance lessons in London. To discuss your options with our professional team, get in contact with us today.

Choose Our Salsa And Bachata Dance Lessons In London – 11th February 2019

We all know how long the week can seem. The weekend and all the fun you have planned can seem an age away when you are stuck in a constant revolution of work and sleep in the weekdays. One of the best ways to break up the week, provide yourself with an activity capable of motivating and to meet new people just like yourself is by joining a class. Our midweek salsa and bachata dance lessons at Salsa Tropical are ideally suited to helping individuals, couples and more to learn and enjoy dancing.

We have curated our dance classes and lessons to ensure that beginners who have never danced through to those who have danced for a long time can get the support they need. Our salsa and bachata classes in London are led by a professional dance instructor and each of them will offer you time to learn the steps, dance the night away and practice with your new friends after the lesson.

Why choose a salsa or bachata dance lesson with us?

The only difficult choice that you will need to make is which of our dance lessons to select. You may want to learn the Spanish-influenced salsa or mix it up with a Dominican-inspired bachata. Whether you love to dance, or you are at a loose end during the week, our salsa and bachata dance lessons could be ideal.

To discover more about when, where and how to sign up, speak with us today.

Professional Bachata Classes In London – 4th February 2019

Learn a new dance in London. Discover like-minded people. Experience a fun way to exercise and beat away the midweek blues. Bachata is one of those dances that will provide you with a beaming smile and be amazing practicing by yourself or with friends. At Salsa Tropical we have become a leading destination for those individuals searching for bachata classes in the heart of London.

Whether you are at a loose end during the week, you are finding the stress of the week weighing down on you or you love to dance and want to find a new place, Salsa Tropical could be ideal. Our weeknight bachata classes and lessons in London will offer you everything that you need to understand the steps from the beginner level right the way through to proficiency.

Why choose bachata classes from Salsa Tropical?

A mixture of Dominican flair, great music and a professional instructor will ensure that every class that you join with us will be full of enjoyment, fulfilment and learning. Our classes in London are ideal for individuals, pairs and groups who are looking to throw themselves into a new skill and meet new people.

Our fun bachata classes are certain to offer you a range of benefits from improved social skills through to increased exercise during the weeknights.

To find out more about our classes and how to join, get in contact with us today.

Join Our Female Performing Dance Team In London – 28th January 2019

We need you! We want you to come and join our female performing team in London who will be touring venues and showing off the sexiness and energy of salsa, afro-cuban and contemporary dances all combined in a team atmosphere. At Salsa Tropical we have been offering professional salsa training, dance classes and workshops for a number of years but have a desire to share the addictive message of dance through our very own performing dance team.

We are searching for female performers that can join us for a training programme, rehearsals and the fun that will ensue afterwards. We are holding auditions for our salsa shows and festival appearances in 2019 so if you are passionate about salsa, love dancing or you have a desire to join a passionate and driven dance team, you are in the right place.

Where and when are the auditions for the salsa dance team in London?

At Salsa Tropical we are located in London and use a number of locations for our various classes, lessons and more. Our auditions are being held on 19 February 2019 at the Osmani Centre on Underwood Road.

Everything will be guided and directed by a professional salsa dance instructor in Maria Palmieri. If you are interested and want to find out more about the opportunities offered by our dance team, speak with us today.


Choose Our Professional Salsa Workshops In London – 14th January 2019

What do you expect from a workshop? The name suggests that you will be learning something and that someone will be teaching you the basic foundations you need to take it up as a hobby, interest or simply to raise awareness of it. At Salsa Tropical you can take advantage of our salsa workshops in London that will teach you everything you need to know about this exciting and enjoyable dance style.

Salsa is popular the world over and famed for its energy, creativity and, of course, the amazing music that accompanies it. To start learning these moves out of the blue can seem a little daunting, but that doesn’t mean you are alone, nor that you do not have any options. Our salsa workshops in London at Salsa Tropical are designed to help beginners to get the ideal start with the hope of creating a hobby and a habit for life.

What is the progression after our salsa workshop?

Once you have met our helpful and professional team, you may wish to start attending our salsa and bachata classes during the week. This is a great way to break up your week, give you something to look forward to as well as to meet new people just like you.

If you would like to book yourself on our salsa workshop in London, make sure you get in contact with our team today.

Try Our Private Salsa And Bachata Lessons In London – 17th December 2018 

Privacy is sometimes needed for us to feel comfortable and to let ourselves go a little bit more. This is definitely the case when it comes to dancing for the first time. Many of us just don’t feel comfortable with dancing and this can become a barrier when the only places to dance are with people – and you will think that those people know every dance move there is. Our private salsa and bachata lessons in London are on hand to help you develop your skills and confidence alongside a professional instructor.

At Salsa Tropical we want to provide you with the motivation during the week to go through the full journey of dancing from the basic moves through to a full routine. Whether you have a special event coming up in the future or you want to eventually gain the confidence to meet new people at our salsa and bachata group classes, we can help you.

Why choose our private salsa and bachata lessons in London?

When you turn up to your first class, you will no doubt have a few nerves. These will be quickly dispelled by the power of salsa and bachata which will make you move, smile and have fun with our professional instructor.

After you have tried our private salsa lessons, you can have a free taster of our group sessions in London. To find out more about our private salsa and bachata lessons in London, get in contact with us today.


Discover Our Bachata Dance Lessons In London – 19th November 2018

The sweeping popularity of dancing across the world means that almost every country has its own dance that goes back decades and centuries. These dances have slowly evolved to what we see today on Strictly Come Dancing and other dancing shows. One of those styles comes from the Dominican Republic and is called bachata.

Whatever your preconceptions of bachata, you can dive headfirst into a fun, passionate and sassy dance style with our team at Salsa Tropical. We offer bachata dance classes in London which are suited to those brushing up on their skills or those wanting to discover a new dance. We believe that bachata is a great place to start dancing with freedom and confidence.

Why choose our bachata dance classes in London?

As a Caribbean dance created in the Dominican Republic it has developed and changed with the times. You will find plenty of similarities with both Latin and non-Latin dances weaved within bachata’s moves. This gives it a familiar but unique style while allowing you to exercise your freedom on the dancefloor.

The main reason we believe you should join us on this journey in our bachata dance lessons in London is to meet new people, discover a fun way to exercise and learn new skills with the help of a professional instructor.

If you would like to come to one of our classes or find out more about our private lessons, speak with us today.


Where To Find Adult Salsa Dance Classes In Central London – 9th November 2018

It can be easy to slip into a routine where you do the same things every week. If you are failing to add some spice into your life and you want to discover your potential on the dancefloor, we have something ideally suited to you. At Salsa Tropical you will be joined by professional dancers and beginners like yourself as you start your journey towards salsa proficiency.

We offer adult salsa dance classes in Central London which are perfect for everyone, no matter what level of competency you sit, no matter how coordinated you think you are and no matter how shy you feel. Our friendly atmosphere combines with our insistence on helping you learn the moves of salsa in every lesson.

What are the benefits of choosing our adult salsa dance classes in Central London?

From the affordable courses we offer to our ability to provide private and couples classes, we are certain you will find something on our website at Salsa Tropical. The benefits once you start dancing with us each week will be vast and include: improved mood, reduced stress, enhanced social skills and better sleep.

Whatever positive elements you are looking to get out of our salsa classes, we are certain our friendly atmosphere will bring the best out of you. Get in contact with us to sign up today.

Three Reasons To Try Our Salsa Lessons On Sheffield Street, London – 1st October 2018

There are plenty of reasons why you should start dancing. There are plenty more that we tell ourselves to stop us going. We’ll make up any excuse not to truly let our hair down when that is exactly what is needed to break up a stressful week or a tough day at work. At Salsa Tropical we have become a leading provider of salsa lessons on Sheffield Street, London, that will banish those worries and make you feel confident to explore the movement and fun of salsa.  

Why choose Salsa Tropical as your destination for regular classes in London?  

Here are three reasons to come and join the revolution of men and women having fun and enjoying their free time:  

  • Five different levels: Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner or you have lost confidence in your skills, we have five different levels that we will place you in accordingly.  
  • You don’t need a partner: You won’t have to bring someone along or be concerned about coming alone, our friendly atmosphere will get everyone dancing together in pairs in no time. 
  • Experienced instructors in every lesson: To make sure that you learn and develop in each session, our professional instructors are on hand to help you.  

To discover more about our salsa lessons in Sheffield Street, London, and how much they cost, get in contact with us today 

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