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Bachata Sensual

Getting up close and personal with bachata sensual With so many types of bachata dance styles around, which one should you opt for?  Here are four that you may like to consider: Traditional bachata (Dominican style)Bachata ModernaBachatangoBachata Sensual How does the idea of bachata…

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Bachata Music

Get your dancing shoes on for Bachata music! Bachata is not just about dance but fantastic music and songs too.  If you are focusing mainly on the dance, you are missing out big time on some fabulously exhilarating and inspirational music.  If your mood…

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Famous Bachata Dancers

Our top 5 famous Bachata dancers When learning to dance bachata, what better way to get into the mood than watching some famous bachata dancers?  All you need to do is look up some top names, get some videos in front of you, turn…

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Salsa vs Bachata

Be the next dancing queen of tomorrow!  But should you choose Bachata or Salsa? You say salsa and I say bachata – but which should you choose?  This may sound like a simple question but there is a lot more to understand about each…

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Want to dance salsa? We tell you how

“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ― Martha Graham This perfectly describes salsa, a sexy and exciting dance. What is salsa dance? The salsa origin refers to both the salsa…

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Why take Bachata classes?

Have you ever wondered why people take bachata classes? There are many reasons why. Not only does dancing keep you fit and supple but it is a great way of socialising and meeting people. What is bachata? Bachata is an incredibly popular style of…

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