Company History

Salsa Tropical comprises a group of talented and passionate professional dancers located in the heart of London, E14. The company was formed by Maria Palmieri back in 2005 and since then has taught many people located in the city how to dance Salsa and Bachata.

Why choose a dance company?

Many clients come to us, preferring to work with a specialist company than rely on an individual teacher. Sometimes they have been disappointed in the past, not happy with the level of tuition received by a previous instructor. Alternately, they want to ensure that they get the best service from experienced dancers and feel that only a company can provide this. When you choose Salsa Tropical, you have assured the provision of so many advantages and benefits:

  • High standards of tuition
  • Dance teachers are fully trained and experienced.
  • Used to working with both individuals and companies (HMBC, KMPG, Johnson & Johnson, Virgin Atlantic, Sainsbury’s, British Airways, Pret a Manger, Reebok, Museum of Docklands etc.)

What we do

As well as teaching Salsa and Bachata, our dance studio in London is known as a meeting place for like-minded individuals. If you are looking to make new friends and meet with people, there is no better place to be. Several students that met at our dance school in London are now happily married! Learning to dance Salsa or Bachata is so fun and educational, keeps you healthy and is an excellent social activity. If you find the gym too monotonous and jogging too lonely, sign up for one of our classes and revitalise your health and fitness. After a dance session, you will feel rejuvenated and happy with many positive endorphins running through your body. Dance is an excellent form of exercise that simultaneously teaches you an art form, all supported by vibrant and sensual Latin American music.

Our studio and dance teachers

Our dance studio based in the heart of London offers the perfect setting for learning Salsa or Bachata. Here you have the space as well as a welcoming environment in which to find your dancing feet. Working as a team, each of our dance instructors is thoroughly trained and experienced. No matter your level of dance expertise or which style you prefer, we have the perfect instructor for you. We teach dance workshops and individual and group lessons. You will find us friendly, approachable, easy-going and patient; we want your dance lessons to be fun as well as instructive. This is never a problem if you begin with one teacher or dance style and then wish to swap to another. Because we are a company, we have the flexibility and adaptability to meet your wishes.

Our dance training programmes in London will make you into a well-rounded and competent Latin American dancer. Please make us your go-to company for all things Bachata and Salsa related!