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Free Salsa Taster Sessions

Our FREE salsa lessons in London get booked up incredibly fast, so register for yours now. It costs nothing and you
will have so much fun whilst learning a lot.
Choose from salsa classes on Mondays or salsa lessons on Wednesday. It will take the form of a fun hour’s lesson,
spent being sociable and dancing energetically. You will be able to find out all about salsa, how to dance it and how
it makes you feel. At the same time, you can ask your professional teacher any questions you may have.
Whilst you are in your salsa class in London, you will be shown the basic steps in a relaxed way. You don’t need to
worry about looking like a beginner as everyone will be in the same boat. The class will be fun, boosting your
confidence and showing you how to do the salsa.

Why choose salsa? 

Our FREE salsa taster class is incredibly popular for those starting from scratch or those who have become rusty over the years. This dance is very much about exciting spins, detailed footwork and intricate patterns; salsa music is fast and exciting.

After completion of the salsa taster class, you can look at our other lessons and decide if you want to sign up for more. We offer several types of classes for salsa so you can decide which suits you best.


Salsa events in London

Once you have tried out our salsa FREE class, you can get involved in other salsa events in London. Salsa is an
incredibly alluring dance and a great mix of Puerto Rican and Cuban dance. Our FREE salsa taster class is open to
anyone and everyone. People of all sexes take part and age doesn’t matter. Join with a partner or alone; either way
you will have so much fun! Meet new people, let your hair down and learn the basics of this fabulous dance.
There is no reason to delay and every need to book today. Your salsa taster class will be FREE with no commitment
and no-one to push you into signing up for expensive courses later.

Book your free salsa classes in London today. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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