Salsa Courses for Beginners (On-Demand)

Salsa Video Course (7 lessons)

This could be your first step in learning Salsa by watching Salsa-Tropical’s online Salsa Lessons.  We have videos of easy to follow steps from the fundamentals up to the completion of your first Salsa course.  You could also be one of our regular students who would like to carry on practising at your own space and at your own time.  With these online videos, you may repeat all lessons as often as you can up until you master all the steps.  We believe that just like any other skills, dancing salsa is about repetition and practice!

We hope you enjoy the lessons and make the most of it!

 The Salsa-Tropical Team

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7 Videos: 5 Lessons + Introduction & Fundamentals
Learn at your own pace & repeat anytime
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Are you missing dancing salsa or bachata during a lockdown? You could have danced in class before and are missing the excitement and fun in your life. Alternatively, you may want something to do during lockdown and salsa and bachata dancing sounds right up your street!  But Covid-19 needn’t stop you dancing. Here’s why.

Dance with us online!

All you need to do is log in to Salsa Tropical’s online salsa Lessons and you are ready to go! Our videos are easy to follow, from basic steps up to the more advanced levels. Whether this is your first ever salsa lesson or you simply want to keep your training up-to-date, our online courses cover it. The great thing about dancing with Salsa Tropical online is that you can go at your own pace and in your own time. You choose the time, day or night. Our online salsa classes are available 24/7 for your use. Repeat them as often as you want to and even involve partners and family. Get them hooked on the thrill of dancing salsa and prevent everyone from getting bored whilst at home. If your work is on hold, make online salsa part of your daily routine. The thing about dance, like any other artistic skill, is the more you practise the steps, the better you get. Besides, while you have the available time on your hands, there is no better way of filling up your days.

Partners not required

If you have a partner to dance with, that’s fine but it is not a prerequisite of using our online salsa classes. Whilst dancing together socially is still not allowed due to lockdown rules, you can dance as much as you like at home, solo or with someone in your family. Keep active, fit and energised as you feel the wonderful salsa music work its magic.  Don’t feel alone or disconnected. We are here to dance with you. All you need to do is sign up to dance with the Salsa Tropical family online. We want to see you dancing, whether this is your very first salsa step or one of many.

As expert tutors in the art of salsa dance and bachata dance, we make dancing salsa simple and fun. Our videos are of great quality so they will look good on your large-screen TV. Alternatively, if you only have a small space, play them on your mobile or computer.

Choose your online course

Our online courses are suitable for salsa and bachata dancers of all levels:

  • Beginners salsa classes online
  • Improvers salsa classes online
  • Advanced salsa classes online

Whether you are a salsa newbie, want to improve your steps or an avid enthusiast who is at an advanced level, our online classes are perfect for you.  Our videos show all that you need to know. Footwork, turning, dancing with or without partner and bachata online lessons too. Each online lesson lasts about 30 minutes.

Our schedules run weekly and have a wide variety of salsa and bachata lessons available at a time to suit you. Book now! We can’t wait to see you online.

  • The Salsa Tropical Team

Intermediate/ Advanced Moves