12 wks Ladies' Salsa Performance Course

Starting Date TBC

Salsatropical Performance Course (12-Week Program)

Course Description:

Welcome to the 12-week Salsatropical Performance Course, designed for dancers passionate about salsa who want to improve their skills while preparing for a captivating stage performance. This comprehensive program focuses on enhancing technique, styling, and stage presence and building a deeper understanding of musicality and rhythm in salsa dancing. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you will learn intricate choreography that will be showcased at a final performance event. This course is suitable for intermediate to advanced salsa dancers who wish to elevate their dancing abilities and experience the excitement of performing on stage.

Course Objectives:

  1. To improve salsa dancing techniques, styling, and stage presence.
  2. To better understand musicality, rhythm, and timing in salsa dancing.
  3. To learn and master a choreographed performance routine.
  4. To build confidence in performing in front of an audience.
  5. To work as a team and collaborate with fellow dancers.

The shows are very technical and dynamic.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Introduction and Warm-Up

  • Welcome and course overview
  • Dance warm-up and stretching exercises
  • Partner work and body isolation exercises

Week 2: Musicality and Rhythm

  • Understanding salsa music structure
  • Identifying the rhythm, timing, and accents
  • Incorporating musicality into your dancing

Week 3: Technique and Styling

  • Advanced footwork techniques
  • Body movements and styling for ladies
  • Spins and turn technique enhancement

Week 4: Choreography Introduction

  • Introduction to the performance choreography
  • Learning the first section of the routine
  • Formation changes

Week 5: Choreography Development – Part I

  • Learning the second section of the routine
  • Styling, expression, and synchronisation
  • Practice and repetition for muscle memory

Week 6: Choreography Development – Part II

  • Learning the third section of the routine
  • Emphasis on transitions and smooth movement
  • Continued practice and repetition

Week 7: Choreography Completion

  • Learning the final section of the routine
  • A full run-through of the choreography
  • Tips for Performance and stage presence

Week 8: Polishing and Refining – Part I

  • Identifying areas for improvement in the choreography
  • Individual and group feedback sessions
  • Refining and polishing the routine

Week 9: Polishing and Refining – Part II

  • Further refining and perfecting the choreography
  • Focus on synchronisation, energy, and expression
  • Additional practice and repetition

Week 10: Dress Rehearsal and Stage Presence

  • Costume selection and fitting
  • Stage makeup and hair styling tips
  • Full dress rehearsal of the choreography

Week 11: Final Preparation and Rehearsal

  • Last-minute adjustments and corrections
  • Confidence-building exercises
  • A full run-through of the choreography in costume

Week 12: Performance Day

  • Final rehearsal and warm-up
  • Showcase event with an audience
  • Post-performance celebration and feedback

Students will receive personalised feedback and guidance from experienced instructors throughout the course. Video recordings of each class will be available for students to review and practice at home. By the end of the 12-week program, dancers will have gained the skills and confidence to deliver a mesmerising and unforgettable performance on stage.

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