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Famous Bachata Dancers

Our top 5 famous Bachata dancers

When learning to dance bachata, what better way to get into the mood than watching some famous bachata dancers?  All you need to do is look up some top names, get some videos in front of you, turn up the music and let yourself go!

The popularity of bachata has gone wild since 2005 and now everyone wants to get involved in the Latin dance scene.  The famous bachata dancers that we have listed have all been involved in bachata and its distinctive style such as: Bachata Moderna, Dominican Bachata and Dominican Bachata ‘Fusion’.  Of these, the most popular has to be the Bachata Moderna, sometimes referred to as ‘sideways’ salsa.  

So here are our top 5 

  1. Jorge Elizondo – known as ‘Bachata Jorge’, he organises workshops throughout the US.  However, his fame is global and he travels the world teaching at festivals. He refers to his style as ‘Bachata Fusion’ as he mixes in other types of Latin dance.  Some people refer to Jorge as being one of the most influential in raising the popularity of Bachata Moderna, with its reputation travelling even into the Far East.  He has also helped mentor other well-known bachata instructors. 
  2. Rodney ‘Rodchata Aquino – famed for being the organiser of the first bachata related congress in the US, Rodney contributes greatly to the West Coast bachata scene. His assemblies are popular worldwide.  Most of the leading bachata coaches in the world have taken part in his events, such as his ‘Bachata Gold Cup’.
  3. Lee ‘El Gringuito’ Smith –  popular organiser of bachata festivals taking place all over the world, Lee and his partner Kat ‘La Gata’ Aguilar, have made a name for themselves not only in the promotion of bachata music but also the instruction of the dance.  
  4. Carlos Cinta – Carlos is known worldwide for his distinctive bachata musicality classes.  He has worked hard to spread the word when it comes to the distinctive tone of the wonderful bachata music.  Often partnering up with musician Joan Soriano, he has his own bachata band that provides live music whilst he is teaching.
  5. Jorjet Alcocer – this lady has to be the most important Dominican Fusion dancer in the world.  Watch any expert woman dancing fusion or performing a solo bachata shine and you can bet that she has been inspired by Jorjet.

So there we have our take on the top 5.  With these amazingly talented people strutting their stuff, it is no wonder that bachata has continued to grow in popularity, and not only in the Latin dance community.  The music alone is also much loved and famous bachata dancers like those listed above never stop spreading the word.  

If you feel inspired after looking at what these dancers have done, now is the right time to get down to your local salsa dance studio and try out a few moves.  All you need to do is find a class that fits in with your timetable and away you go.