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London Salsa and Boxing– How Dancing Can Improve Skills in the Ring

London Salsa and Boxing– How Dancing Can Improve Skills in the Ring

Many boxers are now going to London salsa classes. People are wondering why boxers want to learn Latin dance as part of their training for the ring. Balance, footwork, and timing are important factors of the sport. By mastering these skills, boxers have a better chance of winning a fight.

Boxers spend hours doing various drills and skipping rope just to improve their footwork, which is one of the most difficult skills to develop. One alternative to traditional footwork workouts is dancing, salsa to be precise. The dance involves complicated footwork that requires precision timing and balance as well. Joining salsa classes in London will provide many benefits to the boxer.

How Salsa Can Benefit Boxers

Salsa can complement any exercise program by teaching boxers technical dance steps, rhythm, and balance. These skills will help improve footwork and hip movement. Dancing is also a good cardio workout. When partnered with a balanced diet, salsa dancing can have a huge impact on the boxer’s physique. This is important when the boxer is trying to maintain a specific weight. Dancing will also teach boxers flexibility, improved balance, and self-control.

Salsa not only benefits the body of the boxer but also the mind. Dancing helps increase the serotonin levels, which helps in improving the mood. Even if the box is learning through salsa online classes without a partner, one will be more confident and happier because of the improved serotonin levels. These changes can help improve the boxer’s performance in the ring.

Some dances require the boxer to make fast decisions while changing positions. That will be beneficial for the boxer’s feet and mind while in the ring. Dancing is just like shadow boxing without throwing any punches.

Famous Boxers Who Danced

Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather, and Laila Ali have joined the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. They did pretty good in the show, which should have hinted that dancing and boxing complement, each other. It is also a known fact that Juan Miguel Marquez employed the services of a ballet instructor to help improve his footwork and strengthen his legs.

Some male boxers don’t like the idea of joining London salsa classes because they think it doesn’t suit their masculinity. Boxing is a manly sport, and sweating it out in a dance studio doesn’t have the same appeal as shadow boxing in the gym. However, they might rethink their reasoning once they learned about the benefits they can get from dancing.

Aside from the physical benefits dancing can offer for boxers, it can also provide mental benefits. Salsa dancing is a great anxiety and stress reliever. It is the best way to prepare for a big fight. Both amateur and professional boxers can get the physical and mental benefits of dancing.

As you can see, there are many reasons why boxers should consider taking London salsa classes. Boxers learn the discipline of learning footwork, focus, persistence, and perseverance. So what are you waiting for? Learn salsa dancing today.

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