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Salsa and Your Wedding

Wedding Dance

When it comes to your first dance, you’re obviously going to want to get it right. It’s very
common for people to dream about it, and to think to themselves ‘I want my first dance to be
coordinated, elegant and romantic’, or whatever adjectives you’ve decided on. We know how
important it can be, which is why we want to be able to offer you a style of dancing which is
highly enjoyable and very memorable. That’s right; we’re talking about the salsa!

But Why Salsa?

When we think about the wedding dance, salsa is not always the first dance style that springs to
mind. A salsa wedding dance is one which is different than the conventional wedding dance, but
it’s different in a good way. The salsa is a dance infused with passion and energy, involving
high-octane movements on the dance floor and exceptional trust in your partner. You can feel
the energy in a proper salsa, and it will leave guests stunned as you expertly dance to a fast-
paced and lively beat together. Your London salsa is something which will leave guests in awe,
and they’ll all be wondering why they didn’t think of it for their weddings too.

How Do I Learn To Salsa?

If this is appealing to you, then we’re not that surprised. Salsa is something which has a rich
history, and it can be easily employed for your first dance if you desire it. However, that is where
we come in. Our speciality is teaching people how to salsa for their wedding dance. To
accommodate the biggest possible audience, we’ve created some different packages for you to
choose from, all of which are designed to allow almost anyone to pick up salsa with ease.
You’ll learn about the choreography of salsa, with all the lessons you’ll need to be able to glide
around the floor with ease, looking like a professional. There’s a whole host of salsa music that
you can dance to, although we can easily craft a routine based on the music you submit to me
ahead of time. One thing we’re very proud of is our versatility. We know that it can be tricky
sometimes to schedule in a series of lessons around trying to plan your wedding and your new
life with someone, which is why we’ve got packages which can accommodate nearly any kind of

Overall, salsa dancing is a great way for you to kick-start your wedding reception with a simply
jaw-dropping first dance. Salsa is fast, passionate and energetic, and a pretty good way to set
the tone for your marriage. It’s a different kind of dance and is one that anyone could learn to
love. If you want to be able to make an impression really, and have a fantastic time on the
dancefloor, then there’s no better way to do it than to take some salsa dance lessons, slip on
your dancing shoes, and go for it.