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The importance of Lady Styling

If you already dance salsa or bachata, you may have heard the term ‘lady styling’ but not understood what it means. Very simply, lady styling occurs in both salsa and bachata and refers to the sophisticated and elegant moves that the female dancer makes. It’s centred on dancing in a way that suits you and the way you move naturally whilst characteristically fitting smoothly with the dance. You don’t need to copy others to perform a good lady style of dance; all you need to do is watch the moves performed by the instructor and then develop a dance language of your own. Salsa and bachata lady styling lessons in London refer to how you move, following the beats and passion of the music.

Make your lady styling perfect.

Some women get salsa lady styling wrong, having watched videos online or on YouTube. They think it is more about showing off than demonstrating talent, and they would be wrong. The instructors at Salsa Tropical, London, teach bachata and salsa lady styling, showing you how to flow with the rhythm and develop moves that are all about you. You don’t need to try too hard or look a way that does not come naturally from the inside. Forget about bachata ladies styling classes in London that involve doing forced body rolls or standing with your arms in the air; arm and body movements should come as second nature and appear natural.

At Salsa Tropical, London, we teach salsa and bachata ladies styling so that you can portray it effortlessly, using the technique to enhance the body’s way of going with the flow and the dance rhythm. The best way to show ladies styling in your salsa or bachata dance is to appear confident and effortless. Whilst your teacher will provide some ideas, it is up to you to take clues from this and embellish your dance naturally.

Things to remember about lady styling

Remember three things when dancing ladies style salsa or bachata:

  • Know what looks good – dancing in front of a mirror can help with this.
  • Mix things up – some dancers apply fusion, adding styles from the ballroom or other dance types.
  • Apply your personality – this is all about what makes you unique to stand out from the crowd.

Watching dance bachata lady style in London can help provide you with ideas that you can adapt to suit you. You need to own the movement, be confident, precise and make defined choices. Bachata and salsa ladies styling tutors suggest focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Balance and posture.
  2. Locomotion and weight transfer
  3. Timing and footwork.
  4. Body movement and isolation.
  5. Communication, connection and collaboration.

Connect with your audience

By working through each section, you will automatically look more skilled and stylish, gradually adding your embellishments. Think about your audience and the story that you are telling and connect and communicate with them. The more patience you have and the more emotion you pour into your dance, the better your salsa lady styling technique London will be.