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Why take Bachata classes?

Have you ever wondered why people take bachata classes? There are many reasons why. Not only does dancing keep you fit and supple but it is a great way of socialising and meeting people.

What is bachata?

Bachata is an incredibly popular style of Latin dance in the UK. Because it is not complicated and is based upon a sequence of three ‘on beat’ steps, with the fourth one being a ‘tap’, even novices can pick it up quickly. A wonderful dance for couples, it includes an easy sway of the hips which is incredibly seductive. Add all of this to the entrancing music and it becomes a really addictive dance that has many enthusiastic followers.

Coming from the Dominican Republic, its roots go back to the 1960s. Named after the type of music that inspired it, it mixes European and Afro-Caribbean rhythms which are easily identified by the guitar playing. There are three kinds of bachata – Dominican, Moderna and Sensual with Dominican being the closest to the original.

Why take bachata classes?

Our clients in London decide to take bachata classes for many reasons. You may have your own but here are some of the most popular:

– You used to dance when you were young and want to get started again.
– You love the bachata form of music and can’t wait to dance to it.
– Your friends can dance bachata and have so much fun at bachata events so you want to join them.
– Your lifestyle is far too inactive and dancing is a great way of getting fit.
– You know that you will meet many new people from a range of backgrounds at your bachata class, broadening your social circle.
– You have been given a dance gift voucher and want to try your skill at bachata.

When you can dance bachata, or even salsa, you will find yourself having so much fun in social dancing situations. No longer will you be the wallflower sitting at the side when everyone else is having such a good time!

Bachata classes are fun, pleasurable and exciting

At Salsa Tropical we make it so easy for people to take bachata lessons. We also offer salsa classes if this is your preference. If you like exciting spins, intricate footwork then salsa is for you. Bachata is great for couples who want to get close as it is slower than salsa and very much a sensual style of dance. Check out our variety of dance lessons in London now and see which is most suitable for you. We can fit you in most days of the week and our bachata classes are fun, pleasurable and exciting. Drive boredom out of your life, get fit and see for yourself just how supple your body can be once you get dancing the bachata way.