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Salsa is suitable for children and teenagers of all ages. Dance is a great way to exercise and boost self-esteem. These skills will help with creativity. Latin rhythms and tempos help to improve their musicality. Latin dance is fully inclusive and even the boys will enjoy it, regardless of age.

We offer Salsa and Latin Dance that can be integrated on lessons at school or we can offer lessons for an after school club for the whole term. Our dance lessons are a great way for children to discover the fun in dancing and be fit at the same time.

Apart from dancing itself, we can also incorporate some history knowledge which would give kids a background about the dance and get information about the Latin culture.


Apart from the school kids, we also offer lessons for teachers, teaching assistants and mums and dads who would like to have some salsa fun after school hours.

What Do We Offer?

Salsa with the PE curriculum

  • Further improve social skills.
  • Develop trust and respect for others.
  • Exercise the fun way to increase general fitness, coordination, stamina and tackle obesity.
  • Improve concentration, focus and memory.
  • Great for team building and co-operation.
  • Helps with self-esteem.
  • Improves greater awareness of the Latin Culture
  • Learn in Spanish

CRB Check

The teachers of Salsa-tropical are all CRB checked.  We can provide documentations as per request.

“It was great fun to have Salsa-Tropical teaching our students and developing their musical, social skills, and coordination.  Many thanks!”

Nancy Williams

Sacred Heart Catholic School

Some of our School clients include: