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  1. Introduction

    • The Essence of Salsa or Bachata Teaching
    • Pre-requisite: The Intermediate Dancer Requirement
  2. The Training Experience

    • Overview: A Glimpse into the 65-hour Journey
    • One-on-one with Maria Palmieri & Tsvetan Ivanov: The Value of Personalized Instruction
  3. Deep Dive: History & Evolution

    • Salsa: From its Roots to Global Influence
    • Bachata’s Emergence and Popularity
  4. Understanding the Music

    • Decoding Instruments in Salsa & Bachata
    • Mastering Timing: Key to Perfect Steps
  5. Styles and Techniques of Salsa

    • Cuban Style: The Authentic Flavor
    • L.A. Style: Glamour and Precision
    • London Salsa: European Twist on a Classic
    • New York Style: Elegance Meets Street
    • La Rueda de Casino: Group Dynamics in Play
  6. Latin America’s Dance Palette

    • Mambo: The Dance of Syncopation
    • Cha Cha: The Playful Conversation
    • Merengue: The Two-step Marvel
    • Rumba: The Dance of Love
    • Bachata: Passion and Intimacy
  7. Mindset Training with NLP

    • What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?
    • Enhancing Teaching Skills through NLP
    • Coaching
  8. Comprehensive Audio Training Package

    • Grasping Timing & Instruments
    • Accessing the Music: Spotify Integration
  9. The Pedagogy of Salsa or Bachata Teaching

    • Crafting a Beginner’s Course
    • Methods for Teaching Improvers
  10. Mastering the Basics for Teaching

  • Leading & Following: The Step Sequence
  • Advanced Steps for Intermediate (Prior Experience Needed)
  1. Refinement Techniques
  • Spinning: A Graceful Skill for Both Genders
  • Styling Tips Exclusively for Females
  • Business Tips for Aspiring Dance Entrepreneurs
  1. Evaluation Process
  • The Importance of Testing
  • External Teacher Reviews: Feedback for Growth
  1. Certification and Beyond
  • Path to Earning the Prestigious Certificate
  • Post-training: The 10-hour Practice Mandate
  1. Steps Post-Certification
  • The Need for Liability Insurance
  • Understanding the CRB Check Requirement
  1. Conclusion
  • Summarizing the Journey to Becoming a Salsa or Bachata Instructor
  • An Invitation: Start Your Salsa Teaching Odyssey

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