Salsa Maidstone from thursdays the 14th of September

Thursday Salsa Maidstone

Salsa Partnerwork & Styling

19:00-20:00 - Beginners 1
20:00-21:00 - Beginners 2

Venue Salsa Thursdays

Hubbards Lane
Maidstone ME17 4HX

Salsa Dance Classes

Book online & Register/Sign in prior to your lesson

  • 2 Experienced Instructors for each lesson: male and female
  • Cross Body Style.
  • Great music & friendly atmosphere.
  • All levels are welcome: We offer 6 levels.
  • You do not need a partner.
  • You can start at any time.
  • Have fun!

Finding Your Rhythm in Maidstone with Salsatropical®

Let’s talk, not the type you pour over your tortilla chips, but the dance, the rhythm, the very heartbeat of Latin America that’s taken the world by storm. And what better place to discuss it than in the bustling town of Maidstone with the sensational dance professionals at Salsatropical®?

Salsatropical®: Breathing Life into Maidstone’s Dance Scene

It’s no secret that Salsatropical® is lighting up the dance scene in Maidstone, thanks to their robust and riveting salsa classes. They’ve transformed the dance landscape, injecting an unadulterated Latin vibe into this quintessentially English town. If you ever dreamed about swaying and learning some electrifying dance moves, this is where dreams morph into reality.

Why Choose Classes at Salsatropical® in Maidstone?

You might ask why. Why choose Salsatropical®? What’s so special about their salsa classes? The answer is simple. Their approach to teaching is not just about moving your feet in time with the beat. It’s about feeling the music in your veins, understanding the rhythm, and letting it seep into your soul. And that’s something you don’t find just anywhere.

The Salsatropical® Experience: More than Just Dance Classes

Stepping into a Salsatropical® salsa class is akin to immersing yourself in a world that transcends typical dance lessons. It’s an experience that engulfs you, like a rousing rhythm sweeping you off your feet. It’s a place where passion fuels every move, where you can find the courage to let go of inhibitions and embrace the rhythmic energy pulsating around you.

An Inclusive Community at Salsatropical®

But it’s not all about dance; it’s also about community. At Salsatropical®, you’re not just another dancer but part of an inclusive, vibrant community that thrives on camaraderie and mutual respect. A community that celebrates every small victory, every step perfected, every rhythm mastered, making the dance journey just as rewarding as the dance itself.

The Unique Salsatropical® Teaching Style

The Salsatropical® teaching methodology strikes the perfect balance between structure and freedom. Their expert instructors guide you, helping you find your rhythm, master the steps, and, more importantly, discover your unique dance style. They understand that everyone’s journey is different, and they nurture this individuality, encouraging each dancer to flourish in their own way.