The Team


Maria Palmieri

Founder and Director
Salsa-tropical is a Latin dance company offering numerous salsa dance services. We are committed to a vibrant and friendly environment where people come together, enjoy, experience and communicate their passion about dance. Under the direction of Maria Palmieri, the company is committed to producing professional work that is led by quality. Salsa and Latin dance school based in London, UK, specialising in a wide range of dance lessons. The place to learn Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, etc. Welcoming students from beginner, improver, intermediate to advanced level. Fun and friendly environment, emphasising quality teaching from highly experienced, international teachers.


Mike Anthony brings to salsa an exceptional, dedicated amalgamation of dancing on 1 and 2; bursting with immense energy. His enthusiasm and attention to detail inspires all. For over 10 years Mike has taught students and performed in the UK and internationally doing what he loves most. Mike encourages a positive mindset and knows how to quickly build rapport with students and help build their confidence. Mike’s infectious laughter brings fun and warmth to his classes whilst providing positive feedback and and encouragement .


Sydney joined the Salsa Tropical teaching team after undergoing teacher training with Salsa Tropical. He is of Jamaican roots and grew up in a musical family who influenced his passion for playing instruments from a young age…his talent for the drums becoming evident at about age 7. He took up keyboards and bass guitar and has played many live gigs in the UK and the Caribbean. He also spent many years in music production in his own recording studios. During the last several years Sydney has become completely obsessed with Latin culture and its music…especially Salsa! He describes himself as a ‘Salsa Addict’ and specialises in the LA On1 style.


Dominic aka “Joe Blaq” first discovered salsa back in 1999 where it was the only dance form that had him hooked. After 6 years of learning throughout the UK he was offered the opportunity to instruct and has never looked back. He was placed 1st in the Tropicana Tropics World Open Salsa Championship (Ama Division) 2003, has performed with a team of dancers at the 2005 UK salsa congress, placed as runner up @ the UK salsa congress 2007. Since then he has performed at the Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2009 in Sweden; as part of a team at one of the New York Salsa Congresses and instructed for many salsa promoters within the UK.


Naomi first discovered a variety of Latin American dances through Zumba. She has studied at University one module: Dance Movement Psychotherapy.Naomi was a student of Ballroom & Latin for two years (2013 to 2015). She studied Waltz, Vienese Waltz, Argentinian Tango, Modern Tango, Swing, Bolero, Samba, Salsa, Fox Trot, Cha Cha and Rumba at Arthur Murray. In 2016, Naomi was introduced to Rueda de Casino, and has been dancing this style of Salsa to this date. Naomi has also completed Salsa Teachers Training with Salsa Tropical. Naomi has also undertaken Cuban Salsa training with Salsa Tropical, and hopes to be teaching this style in the future. Naomi has a positive mindset, likes to build confidence in her students, see students improve their dance, and see them flourish


Brandy, born and raised in the Dominican Republic has been dancing since he was just a kid in the streets of Santo Domingo and he is bringing to the UK the real “flow y sabor” of this tropical country! The classes will cover the basics of bachata Dominicana, including its origins and cultural background as well as footwork and partner sequences. Mimi, of Italian origins with a Latin soul and extensive experience in different dancing styles, will assist during the classes with a touch of lady style making you fall in love with the beauty and dynamic of this dance. Vamonos!


During his time studying and working in 2015, Adrian would pack a bag and escape to a society filled with Latin dancers. Soon he was caught performing Bachata and Salsa chores on stage. With a charming smile and a deep passion to express oneself in music. He turned to teach to continue building a dance community and share the joy of music with everyone. He teaches all forms of Bachata, as well as Salsa on 1.


Ariadna Silva (Ari) from Colombia is a trained dancer in many forms. In 2016, she completed her (IRIE) dance foundation degree at metropolitan university, training in African, Caribbean, Hip hop, and contemporary dances. This training allowed her to keep up with several different dance styles and techniques all at once, allowed her dance creativity to expand by covering types from around the globe. Ariadna carries a level 2 fitness instructor qualification alongside an excursive to music certificate. This bylaw allows her to practice and teach fitness and dance classes at any gym safely. She gained considerable fitness skills that enhanced her knowledge in giving correct fitness feedback and guidance to all her students. In 2020 Ariadna was rewarded with a Bachelors Degree in Dance practices (choreography), which she completed at Middlesex University. Throughout her training at MDX, she was trained in many styles of contemporary plus ballet. She was able to strengthen her technique in contemporary styles. In her final years, she put all her physical focus on the GRAHAM technique and HUMPHREY Style Technique. She completed her final year dissertation in dance choreography. She fixated her curiosity of expanding her knowledge within poetry and screen dance while exploring personal vulnerability with a dash of adventure. You may find some of her university work by following this link; Ariadna Maria Silva Chavez | MDX Creative Minds Ariadna is a professional bellydancer and has been working professionally since the age of 19. She performs on a weekly basis in various locations all over London. Her experience stems from solos, duets and group performances. Ariadna comes from a Colombian background, has always danced salsa and most Latin styles socially. However, her salsa/ladies styling training journey started in 2016 where she joined a performance team and has been training ever since. She trained at salsa tropical with Maria Palmieri as her teacher and was later appointed as the primary teacher for ladies styling. She has training within the academy and is now an appointed teacher for cross body partner work. Over the years, her experience has given her a handful of performance, technical and choreography skills which she gladly passes through teaching.
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Manuela started to dance Salsa and Bachata since She was 18 years old in Milan. Moving to the UK, She has been chosen to assist Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba, and going forward She joined a few teaching training as a Leader and follower. During all these times Manuela went through different Salsa styles as NY, LA, Salsa on 2, and Afro, and being part of dance performance groups. Manuela ->"Loving teaching because it makes people truly happy and forgot about a stressful day at work...There is too much behind the scene in a dance routine...ARE YOU READY? I like teaching people making jokes and letting them understand the right dance technique, dance fundamentals, and especially to build up the right confidence to be a good dancer...the rest to be the best is all on each of you." This year I decided that I need to improve my Salsa on 2, so here we are! I did the teaching on training Salsa on 2 with Maria Palmieri where after all these years in dancing opened up new challenging doors.


I have been a professional athlete for 15 years, training daily for International competitions and representing my Country Worldwide. I learnt discipline from childhood and always being loved music. I also have done some coaching for young athletes, and I enjoy working with people, and I am patient. I completed my Teachers Training with Maria Palmieri and already have been working at Events, teaching and being fully part of the team.