The Team


Maria Palmieri

Founder and CEO
Salsa-tropical is a Latin dance company offering numerous salsa dance services. We are committed to a vibrant and friendly environment where people come together, enjoy, experience and communicate their passion about dance. Under the direction of Maria Palmieri, the company is committed to producing professional work that is led by quality. Salsa and Latin dance school based in London, UK, specialising in a wide range of dance lessons. The place to learn Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, etc. Welcoming students from beginner, improver, intermediate to advanced level. Fun and friendly environment, emphasising quality teaching from highly experienced, international teachers.


Mike Anthony brings to salsa an exceptional, dedicated amalgamation of dancing on 1 and 2; bursting with immense energy. His enthusiasm and attention to detail inspires all. For over 10 years Mike has taught students and performed in the UK and internationally doing what he loves most. Mike encourages a positive mindset and knows how to quickly build rapport with students and help build their confidence. Mike’s infectious laughter brings fun and warmth to his classes whilst providing positive feedback and and encouragement .


I have been a professional athlete for 15 years, training daily for International competitions and representing my Country Worldwide. I learnt discipline from childhood and always being loved music. I also have done some coaching for young athletes, and I enjoy working with people, and I am patient. I completed my Teachers Training with Maria Palmieri and already have been working at Events, teaching and being fully part of the team.


Agathe discovered dance at 16 years old and was taught in a dance school in Singapore, Agathe is passionate about teaching finer details in Crossbody Salsa. Alongside her passion for both Bachata fusion and Bachata sensual, she will help you with your body roll its way into Bachata. Student by day, a teacher by night, sharing the joy of dance at a friendly and helpful pace is her speciality. She has joined the Salsatropical Dance Company Ltd. where she was trained to become a Salsa and Bachata instructor.


As a salsa teacher with 8 years of experience, I'm thrilled to be part of the team here at Salsatropical Dance School. Throughout my journey, I've had the opportunity to dance and teach salsa and bachata, honing my skills through workshops both in London and abroad. My passion for dance started at a young age when I attended traditional Bulgarian and contemporary dance classes. These early experiences fuelled my love for dance as an art form and a means of self-expression. As a teacher, my main goal is to share my enthusiasm for dancing and inspire others to embrace it. I believe through dance we not only express ourselves but push ourselves out of our comfort zone. It’s a beautiful journey that teaches us patience and perseverance. I'm constantly seeking growth and improvement, particularly in ladies styling, and regularly attend workshops to develop my technique further.


During his time studying and working in 2015, Adrian would pack a bag and escape to a society filled with Latin dancers. Soon he was caught performing Bachata and Salsa chores on stage. With a charming smile and a deep passion to express oneself in music. He turned to teach to continue building a dance community and share the joy of music with everyone. He teaches all forms of Bachata, as well as Salsa on 1.
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Maks is a music enthusiast with a profound love for self-expression through the strings of his guitar. Despite the busyness of his London City lifestyle, his journey took an exciting turn when he discovered Salsa dancing. Enrolling at the esteemed Salsa Tropical, known for its exceptional teaching and dedicated instructors. Over time Maks' passion for Salsa grew exponentially. It became clear that mastering Salsa wasn't enough. He wanted to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. Motivated by this desire, he embarked on a journey to become a Salsa teacher at Salsa Tropical.


A designer by day and a dancer by night. Inés started dancing in various disciplines such as ballet, jazz and flamenco in Spain at the age of 7 and continues to dance ballet to this day. After a while of wanting to try partner dancing, she discovered the salsa scene in London and fell in love with it. Later on, she trained with Salsa Tropical to become an instructor and really enjoys being able to communicate the joy of dance to the students and see them progress.


Andrea has been a ballet dancer for over ten years, actively participating in various competitions and events. Her expertise spans across Russian and Cuban ballet techniques. Despite her dedication to ballet, Andrea's love for Latin rhythms has been a constant passion which led her to join Salsa Tropical, where she received training to become a salsa and bachata instructor.
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With a passion for dance and a deep love of music from an early age, it was inevitable Sophia would stumble upon the salsa dance floor. Immediately inspired by a scene that encouraged body confidence, fluidity, character and individuality, she was captivated. A lover of the social dance and keen to brush up on technical skills and flare, Sophia found Salsa Tropical. She fell in love with salsa all over again and the natural next step was to join the teaching team and share her passion for this magical art form with others